Jan 22nd Bible Reading
















en 44:1-45:28, Mat 14:13-36, Psalm 18:37-50, Prov 4:11-13
Do you ever find yourself asking your child, “where are your socks?” Knowing that they are in front of you on the living room floor. Then you ask, “Is that where they go?” Knowing they go in the laundry basket. Or how about knowing about a video your daughter posted on Instagram and asking her, “What video did you post?” Knowing that you have already seen it and that it was wrong for her to do that. I got onto my daughter, told her to delete the video and the App. Then I grounded her. What I didn’t do, was show grace to her the way Joseph showed grace to his brothers that sold him.
In Genesis 44:19, Joseph asks his brothers, “Have you a father, or another brother?” Then in Genesis 45:9, he says, “Hurry back, then, to my father and tell him: Thus says your son Joseph: God has made me lord of all Egypt: come to me without delay.” He goes on to tell them to bring his father, kisses all of his brothers and cries over each of them. He even tells them he will provide for them and the rest of their family so they will not suffer.
My human self would not be able to forgive my siblings so easily and I’m pretty sure I would hold a grudge if they sold me, but Joseph loved on them and was so happy to see them. In my eyes, he showed  them the upmost grace.  He wanted to see his family. He had been blessed and was now able to bless his family.
I hope and pray that I too can be better at showing grace and be a blessing to the one that has hurt or betrayed me or my family the way Joseph was able to.
Elizabeth Chavez
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